Embroidered patches

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Here at No Rules Embroidery we specialise in producing high quality embroidered patches – sew on or iron on.

Minimum order quantity = 50. 

Prices start from £2 per patch / badge.

We can produce round, square, rectangular patches with or without merrow / overlock border. 

Quick turnaround possible. 

Please see photos of our previous work below. 

Usual badge sizes range from 5cm x 5cm, 10cm x 10cm round patches to 20cm x 20cm and larger.

Merrow border patch

Merrow border patch

Our customised embroidered badge making service allows clients to design a patch from their choice of textile material and threads. We have the expertise to manufacture patch as a 100% embroidered patch or with thick/rigid patch backing material as a background. We have huge clientele comprising national and international clients who come from different work fields such as government, NHS, armed forces, police, fire department, hobby groups,  and other organisations. We also have experience in manufacturing embroidered flags and logos for motorcycle and bike teams and martial art clubs.


Merrow border patches – overlock

Nice look professional badge edging.


  • Larger durability
  • Better aesthetics
  • Better looks from the side and front of a patch
  • Best possible protection against shredding
  • Hemming the edge with a decorative lace


Simple hot cut or hot knife edge

The edge is made using the same embroidery technique, which is used to embroider the design. Then the emblem is cut as close as possible to this edge. It is also finished off thermally (hot cut). It is necessary to straighten out and protect the edge.


  • Colour of the frame always ideally matches the whole design, it is made of the same thread.
  • Better look for smaller patches
  • Best solution for complicated shapes.
  • Thin bordering available (even 1mm). 
Embroidered badges UK

Embroidered badges UK

Square embroidered patches

Square embroidered patches

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